How Does Religion Benefit Health & Well-Being?

Religion is a faith or a belief that exists in almost every part of the world. Various studies have come up with the findings that religion is extremely good for a person’s health and well-being. Let us list down some of the ways in which religion benefits health and well-being of a person:


Meditation is considered to be an extremely important part in various religions and spiritual practices. It helps in improving a person’s concentration power and boosting memory. Meditation enhances your health and well-being by improving your immunity system, and relieving stress . It is also good for people who have been affected by diseases, such as, cancer, depression, rheumatoid arthritis.


Being the most essential and foremost practice in almost every religion, prayer is considered to be extremely beneficial in maintaining a person’s health. It helps in relaxing the mind and also teaches a person the importance of compassion. Prayer is extremely beneficial in healing the mind of someone who has been suffering from depression.

Fostering Relationship

When a person joins a spiritual community, he in fact establishes various social connections, which, in turn, enables the building of a stronger relationship with people. Creating new relations and maintaining them is a very important aspect for the well-being of a person. Being a part of a spiritual group that instils positive thoughts, helps your mind stay calm, and de-stresses you.

Deal with Hardships

Life offers obstacles at every stage, and overcoming those is a strenuous situation at times. Studies suggest that people with strong religious beliefs find it easier to overcome hardships and find a solution for the most gruel problem, even in the most difficult of circumstances . Religion and beliefs help you deal with all that stress.

Healthy Choices

According to various studies conducted, people who have strong religious faiths and beliefs, don’t often indulge in unhealthy habits like, smoking, consuming alcohol or engaging in violent activities. It can be said that religion in fact promotes a healthy lifestyle, by discouraging you from indulging into practices which can harm your health.

Long Life

Various studies have also revealed the fact that those who have a strong faith in religion and spirituality tend to live longer than those who don’t believe in it. Their minds are calmer, feelings are purer, and body is healthier, because of the positive beliefs they hold inside them and exude all along.

Importance of Forgiveness

Forgiving someone and getting rid of the negative feelings, are virtues that almost all the religions in the world teach us. Forgiveness is not only associated with various health benefits, such as, healthy heart, a good immunity system and controlled blood pressure, but also it makes one feel positive