15 Tips to Burn Calories Fast

A good basis for a slender body is effectively burning calories. How do you do that in a healthy, quick and responsible way? Here are 15 tips that can help to burn calories in a fast and healthy way.

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  1. Choose an intensive sport

It is quite logical, but many people are reluctant to work out. However, if you want to burn calories fast then you need to really want to do something. So, choose a sport that is intensive, which challenges you and where the sweat flows freely. The “after burn effect” is the greatest. Fact is that the dressings of calories after your workout. Examples include aerobics, swimming or jumping rope. Of course, it is useful to select a sport that suits you.

  1. Do some form of strength training

We see that many dropouts like to do cardio workouts. A cardio sport like running is obviously nice and approachable. But it is actually much more effective if you combine cardio workouts with some form of strength training. Your muscles will really start working and you’ll notice that your body will burn more calories. Muscle accelerates your metabolism and causes you to store energy and fat burns faster.

  1. Put on interval training

If you want to burn a lot of calories then this does not mean that you have to toil hours in the gym. With an effective workout, you can also burn a lot of fats in a short session and thus achieve results. Make a lot of variation in intensity in your workout. Exchange peaceful exercise with explosive exercises. Intensity is an important key to burning calories.

  1. Burn calories at home

If you do not go to the gym, make sure you are doing some intensive exercises at home. For example, abdominal workouts and tums and bums are great exercises you can do at home. It’s easy and it does not take long. Make sure you have a mat or soft surface on which you can do the exercises, which makes it a lot more comfortable.

  1. Variation in motion is very important

Variety is good for your body and your calorie consumption, but certainly for your own motivation. Change every now and then your schedule, grab another device and challenge your body. Different muscle groups are covered and your body will not get used to one particular sequence of exercises. So, variety in your training for yourself is a lot more fun, but also essential for your calorie consumption.

Strength training combined with intensive cardio is a good way to get rid of calories quickly. The training must last at least 30 minutes per session. This combination is a sure way to build muscles and burn calories fast. Moreover, you feel great after an hour of training. Think of all those endorphins that are released and how happy you feel afterwards.

  1. Change your lifestyle with more exercise

Replace your lazy schedule with an active schedule. So from now on always take the stairs instead of the elevator, take the bi-cycle instead of the car and make sure you walk with the dog for half an hour longer. In this way, subconsciously you burn a lot of extra calories. It does not seem much, but add up all those extra calories together and you get closer to your goal. Namely, as far as possible burn calories.

  1. Small things also count

You’re not fit or you have don’t have much time to go crazy in the gym? Make sure you do not continue to sit on the couch anyway. A leisurely stroll will give your metabolism a boost! So rather do some low intensity workout, then not doing them at all!

  1. Drink plenty of fluids in a day

When you start burning more calories you must be sweating a lot too. The moisture acts in the body as a kind of facilitator in this process. When you have little moisture, therefore calories are less efficiently burned. Therefore drink at least 2 liters of fluid per day. Preferably, water, tea, and to a lesser extent, shakes, smoothies and tea. Avoid alcoholic drinks when you don’t want to consume extra calories.

  1. Sleep at least 6 hours per day

Ideally you take 8 hours rest per day. Make sure that you sleep at least six hours a day. A lack of sleep sees to it that your body stores calories as body fat more quickly. Plus due to lack of sleep you are more prone to “emotional-eating”. A good night’s sleep prevents these problems and also ensures that you can start fresh to your workouts.

  1. Ensure proper metabolism

Your metabolism processes your diet. A good metabolism is that when you can quickly drain excess nutrients, without being stored as body fat. In contrast, a slow-metabolism creates bloating, poor physical condition and obesity.

  1. Vitamins and minerals do wonders

Your body is like an engine. When it is well cared for, the right energy will get your body work better than engine. So eat plenty of vegetables every day, and 2 pieces of fruit. This not only fits into a low carbohydrate or low-fat diet, but also ensures you get enough vitamins and minerals. This has a positive effect on the consumption of calories.

  1. Keep adequate and regular food

This is a very important component for the calorie consumption. Many people limit their food intake drastically by means of a so-called crash diet. That sounds logical, but actually counterproductive. Your body also to some extent needs energy to again be able to consume calories efficiently. Do you eat too little food than your body goes into power save mode? Your metabolism will slow down and you consume less calories than you would like.

  1. Eat calmly and chew enough

This is perhaps the most underrated tip. Did you ever notice how long you take to eat your food? It is a fact that if you eat slowly, you quickly feel full. So you eat less and get fewer calories. Besides, it is also true that slow food is good for the processing of the ingested energy, so you will burn calories faster.

  1. Do not focus too much on counting calorie intake

Opinions about counting your calorie intake are distributed daily. Keeping track of the exact amount of calories per serving is useful but not essential as long as you keep your healthy eating and the portions limited.

  1. Make sure that you eat healthy food!

When we burn calories we do solid workouts like mentioned above. These are certainly effective, but consuming the calories efficiently begins in the kitchen. If you burn a lot of calories, but gain all right back by eating has little sense. So make sure you eat balanced meals and get proper nutrition. Make sure that you get everything you need to maintain your athletic lifestyle in a healthy and efficient way. A good example is a low carbohydrate diet compensated by a high protein diet.